While it’s true that modern technologies are prevalent today, they don’t necessarily undermine the relevance of traditional marketing tactics. A particular example of a conventional method that remains timely and effective is outdoor advertising.

The commercial messages in this type of advertising are communicated through outdoor media, such as billboards, mobile billboards, point of sale displays, transit advertising, street furniture, and guerrilla marketing. Accordingly, if you plan to make use of outdoor ads to boost your enterprise’s financial performance or branding image, you must ensure that they are strategically crafted and placed to capture the attention of potential customers.

Throughout the years, plenty of notable outdoor ads have made quite a buzz in their respective markets. You can take inspiration from these successful campaigns to improve your own.

Below are eight examples of creative out-of-home (OOH) ads released by companies from varying industries. You’ll also learn the main guiding principles that you need to consider when creating outdoor ads.

8 Creative Outdoor Ads and How to Make One

How to Make Creative Outdoor Ads

To effectively create outdoor ads that stand out, there are a few rules you should follow. These should be the foundation of your ads to get your message across to your audience.


  • It’s all in the details

OOH media has a lot of opportunities to be fun and realistic. This is seen in the successful ads that played with non-static visuals. It’s a good idea to play around with texture and dimension—not all outdoor advertising material has to be limited to two-dimensional or flat billboards. Giving it a more realistic take will entice your audience to interact with it or study the ad more closely, thus capturing their attention and holding it for longer.


  • Don’t overload it with too many elements

While details are great, it’s worth mentioning that you shouldn’t go overboard with them. It’s necessary to keep things bold, powerful, and sharp, but don’t overdo it. Too lengthy text, too many graphics, and too many images will make your ad overwhelming and challenging to process. You need to get your main idea across at lightspeed, so be sure to use designs that are easy to take in. Some of the most successful creative outdoor ads focus on striking the right balance.


  • Apply human emotions

The reason why movies or commercials are so captivating is that they can encapsulate relatable human emotions. The same is true with outdoor ads! You can also make your ad appeal to human senses by employing emotions in a way that pops out of paper-based materials.


The Relevance of Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is a tried-and-proven medium that has persisted and thrived amidst the emergence of digital channels. Kantar Media and the Outdoor Advertising Association of America reports that its revenue reached $7.3b in 2015, after about 23 quarters of continuous growth. Moreover, it’s more cost-effective and has a more prolonged exposure duration than other forms of media.

In the age of digital media, outdoor advertising has learned to grow and adapt to the changing times. The technology available allows advertising agencies to explore out-of-the-box ideas. The innovation in outdoor advertising creation has led to a stronger and long-lasting impact on a brand’s target market.

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