Outdoor advertising, otherwise known as out-of-home (OOH) advertising, is an ideal strategy for targeting an audience within your business’ vicinity. With outdoor advertising, you’ll be able to put ads on a plethora of things such as billboards, buses, bus stops, subways, and the like. 

This method of advertising proves to be effective in being at the right place and at the right time to attract the right audience. Depending on a person’s situation, seeing billboards, for instance, can actually influence the decision-making process to buy something. 

Based on the data collected by Signarama Toronto, 72% of those who see billboards actually stop by a shop on the way home to make a purchase and 68% of whom make their decisions while in the car. From this same group, 24% said they were motivated to visit a store because of outdoor advertisements while 32% shared that they visited a retailer seen on a billboard.

It might not seem like OOH advertising is much. Some might say they are an eyesore in public highways because of their size and distracting image. Truth be told, however, outdoor ads have quite a number of serious benefits for businesses.


Benefits of Outdoor Advertising for Businesses


1. It reaches a much broader audience for a longer period of time

Depending on where you choose to put your ad, you potentially reach a much broader audience. Say, for example, you choose to display it at a bus stop where there is bound to be an ample amount of foot traffic on a daily basis, from commuters such as students, working professionals, and senior citizens. You effectively acquire an audience ranging from different ages, classes, and personas who will see the ad round the clock.


2. It has no limit to accessibility

You aren’t limited by the number of people who choose to close your ad as what viewers might do when they are watching videos online. In the case of outdoor ads, they become an ever-present entity at your chosen location, day in and day out, whether everyone passing through the location likes it or not.


3. It grabs attention immediately

According to a study reported through Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA), outdoor ads—more specifically, in this case, roadside billboards—catch a whopping 90% of US travelers’ attention in a month. Considering it takes just several seconds to catch sight of an ad, everyone who passes through the location of your ad will have likely seen it.


4. It engages your target audience

From the same study OAAA reported on US travelers habits, 81% of adults who saw billboards notice its message. After seeing the ad, it had a number of effects on the viewers. Some include searching for the brand on the internet and visiting the actual business’ store. Impressively enough, 74% of those who came to see the store ended up purchasing.


5. It affects the path-to-purchase

In line with engaging your audience, seeing an ad can make an impact on a viewer’s decision on purchasing your product. According to a research by Outdoor Media Center, 83% of people are able to recall OOH ads at least half an hour before making a purchase.


6. It’s very cost-effective

Given the fact that you’re paying for one spot to display your ad within a given timeframe, you essentially save a lot more than spending for a slot on TV, radio, and the dailies. OAAA claims it’s as much as 80% cheaper than the options mentioned.


7. It provides an opportunity for impactful messaging

Given the size of standard outdoor ads like billboards, it becomes very hard to miss. This then grants your brand the time and opportunity to create a strong message that truly captures the kind of campaign, messaging, or image you want to convey to your target audience.


8. It improves your brand awareness

Because of its consistent exposure to an audience, there’s an increased likelihood of a person remembering the brand. Since you don’t have a limit to how long your display flashes for still ads, viewers who pass the location will have enough time to get in a good look. The same goes for those who frequent the location.


9. It offers a variety of creative options for advertising

With outdoor advertising, you aren’t limited solely to printed signs like before. There is a chance to experiment with mixed media such as digital billboards that let you display videos or installation ads, which incorporates a brand into real-life surroundings. This can also impact your brand’s image and brand recall to your audience.


10. It helps build your brand image

Because of the number of ways you can execute an ad or campaign for your brand, you’re bound to flesh out your brand’s identity to create stunning, standout images and messaging that fully capture who and what your brand is.


Visible Growth of Your Business

Undoubtedly, outdoor advertising is a great way to achieve maximum exposure for less the price you initially pay for a variety of different advertising platforms. Granted you’ve chosen to put your ad in a prime location with good foot traffic, you’re bound to get all eyes on your brand. In this way, you boost brand engagement and awareness. The possibility of your audience availing the product or service increases as well. 

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