Why Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising has been and will always be a part of the Metro Manila’s city landscape. With a population of 12M covering only 620 square meters, Metro Manila is one of the most densely populated metropolitans of the world.Obviously, with these type of numbers, one cannot escape the reality of bad traffic in the metropolis. OUTDOOR ADS such as billboards, LED displays, transit ads etc. continuously reach the average Filipino commuter who spends AT LEAST 2 hours on the road each day.Even digital media is escaping the realm of personal devices and staking claim in dynamic LED billboards, strengthening its effectiveness and complimenting its message.

While ad avoidance is a glaring problem with other forms of media, Outdoor Media is advertising that is ALWAYS ON. You cannot switch the channel, you cannot skip the ad, you cannot minimize the tab. Outdoor Media meets your market where they already are, intercepting AND NOT interrupting their journey.Let QUICK BROWN FOX help your brand jump over the lazy dog and show you how to effectively use this dynamic form of advertising.


Virgin Media

With more than 13m UK households now paying subscriptions to access a greater choice of TV and online content, the competition has never been fiercer. Virgin Media wanted to build awareness for their new "Big Kahuna" bundle of communications services.

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As the UK collectively looked into the sky to witness the partial solar eclipse, Mondelēz International’s playfully created its own total eclipse across a number of different media outlets for one of its most well-known biscuit brands, Oreo.

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Top 10 outdoor ads of 2016

World-class illustrators and craftsmen were deployed to transform a filming location for Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland – a 400-year-old attraction called The Dark Hedges. After the site was devastated by a storm, the remaining wood was crafted into bespoke...

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16 Brilliant Outdoor Ads That Rocked the Real World in 2016

Out-of-home remains one of our favorite advertising mediums. Yes, so much of it is an eyesore, but when it's great, there's almost nothing better. There's something particularly delightful about great work that lives in the physical world and not on a screen. The best...

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