How to Excel with Airport Advertising Campaigns in the Philippines

As a new year unfolds, businesses worldwide are keenly seeking fresh strategies to captivate their target audiences and stay relevant amongst the competition without having their prospects experience digital fatigue. In this quest for new blueprints and attention, one dynamic avenue stands out—airport advertising.

Beyond merely showcasing logos on multimedia screens, static billboards, floor advertising, and promotional campaigns, airport advertising in the Philippines creates an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Recent statistics underscore its impact, with 83% of frequent flyers noticing airport advertising, making airports an even more attractive canvas for brands.

Read on as we discuss the concept of airport or out-of-home (OOH) advertising, explore its common types, and give the best tips to excel in it. If you’re eager to uncover the advantages and disadvantages of launching compelling campaigns in 2024, you’re in the right place!

Advantages of Airport Advertising

Navigating the competitive landscape of advertising can be challenging, but when it comes to making a lasting impact, airport advertising takes center stage. Here are some of its advantages worth taking note of:

Why airport advertising? Airport terminals serve as bustling hubs where millions of travelers pass through annually. In 2023, the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) registered a total of almost 34 million domestic and international passengers from January to September. This number presents a golden opportunity for brands to maximize visibility, increasing brand awareness among diverse demographics.

Increase your brand awareness and recognition - QBF

Three in four flyers associate airport advertising with high-quality brands. With this, aligning your brand in this environment elevates your overall image and reputation.

Imagine your business showcased in the luxurious Clark International Airport, where travelers experience a blend of modernity and cultural richness. Your association contributes to a positive perception, influencing consumers to perceive your brand as high-quality and trustworthy.

Since airports are the first places travelers see, it’s essential to know where to strategically place your advertisements so that they become a memorable first exposure for potential customers—encouraging brand recall.

This immersive experience lingers, influencing passengers to consider making a purchase. The impact extends when they encounter the same brand later in local malls or beauty stores.

Challenges of Airport Advertising

While airport advertising offers a sky-high platform for brands to soar, it’s imperative to navigate the potential turbulence that comes with it. Below are the challenges you should be mindful of when crafting your airport advertising strategies:

Airport advertising poses many benefits, like brand recall and prime location, but these also make it highly competitive and expensive. Limited availability of main airport spots can also make it challenging for smaller businesses with budget constraints.

Airport advertisements need to capture the attention of audiences who are often in a rush and have short attention spans. They may not be interested in your message if it’s not relevant to their needs or preferences. With this in mind, you must craft advertisements that appeal to a broad range of travelers and highlight the benefits of your product or service in the most creative, engaging way possible.

Unlike online platforms, it’s difficult to quantify the impact of your airport advertisement. You can’t easily track how many people have seen or interacted with your ad. This makes it difficult to assess the return on investment (ROI) for your campaigns.

Tips and Best Practices for Effective Airport Advertising in the Philippines

From harnessing the cultural richness of the Philippines to maximizing engagement with the transient audience, these actionable strategies aim to transform your campaigns from mere displays into unforgettable experiences.

If you’re spending to get your ad in an airport, be sure you reach the right audience. Research and understand the demographics and behaviors of travelers so you can tailor your messaging to them.

For example, you want to market a local travel app. It’s important to know that Filipino travelers often prioritize family vacations. That said, you can design your message to resonate with the cultural importance of family bonding during trips, emphasizing the convenience of your app for traveling with family members this new year.

Know your target audience and their travel behavior - QBF

Not all airports are built the same, so select ones that accommodate your needs and align with your branding and target audience. You should also consider the location and visibility of your ad within the airport, as well as the traffic and dwell time of the travelers.

For instance, advertising luxury products may resonate more in high-end airports like Mactan-Cebu International Airport than in others.

The average human attention span is only around 8.25 seconds, which means that you have to capture your audience’s attention within that time using compelling ads. Craft visually stunning visuals, incorporate fresh designs, and draft a concise yet impactful tagline that speaks to the anticipation of new trends and styles.

Your budget becomes a factor in how you execute your ad. Establish a budget and timeline that aligns with your marketing goals. For instance, when launching a campaign for a local fashion brand, opt for a short-term burst around key shopping seasons, such as Christmas or local festivals. This approach allows you to maximize impact during a festive, high-spending period.

Utilize key performance indicators (KPIs) to help you measure your ad’s effectiveness. You can try tracking engagement metrics like QR codes, foot traffic, and brand recall. Optimize your strategy based on real-time data to enhance campaign effectiveness throughout its duration.

Navigate New Horizons with Airport Advertising this 2024

Now that you have a better grasp of how airport advertising can benefit your business and how you can create compelling strategies to cater to your audience, it’s time to let your business take off!

From understanding your audience and strategic location choices to crafting compelling designs and measuring performance, each element contributes to a successful campaign. At QBF, we specialize in elevating your advertising endeavors with tailored solutions that resonate with the diverse Filipino market. 

Whether you’re delving into airport advertising or exploring other OOH media avenues, we’ve got you covered! Don’t miss the chance to transform your brand’s visibility this year—contact QBF today for all your OOH media needs.


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