From OUT OF HOME to IN YOUR PHONE – Intercept your consumers with your messages at strategic times and locations via OUTDOOR and MOBILE advertising


QBF Asia Pacific Inc. (Quick Brown Fox) is an advocate of Outdoor Advertising. When used efficiently and creatively, OOH MEDIA has shown time and time again that it is one of the world’s most effective means in communicating messages across different types of audiences. It is no surprise that outdoor advertising has been the first and longest living type of advertising there is. However, QBF also believes the need to adapt and evolve in this day and age of technology and the internet. The future is here, and brand messaging can no longer be isolated in silos, having each media independent of each other. Synergies must be created to be at pace with this information savvy generation. Having said this, QBF has prioritized finding synchronicity between the two most effective media in reaching this constantly moving world – OUTDOOR ADVERTISING and MOBILE MEDIA.

Reach your moving audience

Our EXTENSIVE DATABASE of OOH Sites together with our AUDIENCE EXTENSION SOLUTIONS allow us to create synchronized media plans which intercept audiences that are targeted by our client’s OOH media placements and MOBILE MEDIA strategies. Our goal is to always close the loop and complete the journey of our client’s consumers, providing an integrated approach to advertising out of home.

Our tools, together with our team’s vast experience in media and advertising our technical support and monitoring teams, supported by our wide network of OOH locations make us the most capable and trusted partner in delivering our client’s messages to their moving audiences, nationwide.

Media strategies based on ACTIONABLE INTELLIGENCE is what our A.I. tool “ALL-SPARK” brings to the table. We present to our clients more INFORMED INVESTMENTS in the space of OOH and Mobile Media, as ALL-SPARK allows us to sync advertisers’ outdoor and mobile media plans via re-targeting their audiences seamlessly.


QBF are specialists in reaching the moving world. Powered by extensive data and audience intelligence, we enable our clients to talk to their consumers all throughout their consumer journey – outside their homes. From out of home to in your phone, and everything in between – our goal is to intercept our client’s consumers with their messages at strategic times and locations. Interception, NOT interruption – this is the vision.

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