We are seasoned outdoor media experts who have been in the industry since 2005. QBF’s network, clout and experience have been of service to multinational companies, media agencies, and local brands alike. Our FOCUS and SPECIALIZATION allow our clients the confidence of delegating their OOH media plans to our dedicated teams.


We value our time, the same way we value our clients’ and partners’. We commit to always turn around with our deliverables on the agreed and committed time frame.


All data that we present come from real and verifiable information. Aside from our extensive OOH Location database, our access to audience intelligence generated from unique mobile ID’s gives us ACTIONABLE information which is the key element of all our meda plans.


This is QBF’s most important promise – to be ACCOUNTABLE to all parties involved in all our engagements. Regardless of size of business or length of engagement, QBF will put forward integrity and responsibility as the main values that drives us in creating mutually beneficial relationships and successful campaigns.