5 Benefits of Combining Outdoor and Mobile Advertising

In this day and age, marketing has turned digital. Due to social media, email, and other related channels’ continued dominance, many business owners have realigned their marketing strategies and lessened their focus on traditional ads.

As more and more businesses adopt a fully digital approach, it can easily be mistaken that conventional marketing methods will no longer be relevant soon. While online and mobile campaigns may be the dominant force, outdoor advertising can still do wonders for your business.

Billboards and posters may not seem appealing compared to pay-per-click or Facebook ads, but don’t take things at face value. Pairing out-of-home (OOH) ads with a mobile marketing campaign can make a significant difference in your sales.


Benefits of Combining Outdoor and Mobile Advertising

To enlighten you further, let’s talk about the five benefits of integrating an outdoor and mobile strategy.


1. Better customer segmentation to increase sales

Thanks to advancements in technology, OOH ads can now use mobile location data. With the help of geofencing tools and other related software, you can easily identify your consumers’ behavioral patterns without being intrusive to their privacy. You can acquire real-time data on who saw your ads and then went for an in-store visit.

Apart from measuring your campaign’s performance, the behavioral data you acquire can also be used to identify your ideal customers. Taking note of which consumer segments to target will allow you to deliver personalized ads to the right set of eyes, delivering more sales opportunities down the line.


2. Measure audience size through location-based targeting

Aside from tracking who encountered your ads, mobile location data can also measure audience size within a specific area. Knowing how many customers you have in a particular community can be useful whenever you need to make tweaks to your campaign.

Other than helping you place your advertisements strategically, it can be used to influence movements and direct your customers into a purchase.

Note: Want to learn how the performance of outdoor ads is assessed? This guide will teach you the basics of OOH campaign measurements.


3. Build a loyal consumer base

Nothing grows your business more than loyal clients. Since it’s five times more expensive to acquire a new customer than retain an old one, keeping old clients and driving repeat transactions should be one of your top priorities. Fortunately enough, this can be done by being on top of mind.

Similar to Facebook ads, billboards, signages, and posters can keep your brand in the minds of your clients. Studies show that consumers who are familiar with outdoor ads are 40% more likely to make a transaction than those who are not.

The same way remarketing improves brand recall, constant exposure to OOH ads will help your audience remember you in their time of need. Keeping a steady stimulus of billboards and mobile ads will help you stay in your clients’ minds.


4. Provides an interactive experience

More and more brands are equipping their OOH displays with interactive components. One famous example would be how some ads have a QR code placed in the middle of a poster. When a user scans it with their smartphone’s camera, he/she is redirected to an FAQ page, order form, or promotional page that can eventually lead to a purchase.

In case your business has a mobile app, you can also attach beacons to your signages. These beacons are Bluetooth-enabled modules that automatically send notifications to users who are passing by your posters. If you have a limited time offer or a sale, this will spark interest and encourage users nearby to visit your shop.

Note: Looking to add a QR code in one of your displays? Here are some useful tips to keep in mind!


5. Acquire a clearer view of the customer’s journey

The location data that mobile phones provide can give you a complete picture of a customer’s journey. By finding out where your audience lives and the routes they regularly commute in, you can strategically situate your ads for maximum visibility. With the right analytics tools in your arsenal, you can assess a poster’s performance and make adjustments when necessary.


Experience Business Growth Like Never Before

Along with the evolution of media channels, outdoor advertisements have also grown. Unfortunately, most people fail to see the value of OOH ads and end up excluding them in their business’s campaigns. But since brand-to-consumer interactions are now mostly done through digital platforms, know that pairing your mobile campaign with OOH displays can take your marketing ROI up a notch.

Given the benefits above, it’s clear that outdoor and mobile ads are a match made in heaven. It boosts brand awareness, helps you target the right people, and enables you to build a loyal customer base.

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