Mix and Match: The Importance of Colors in Outdoor Advertising

Let’s talk about design. 

In the process of producing an outdoor advertisement, making use of great visuals and eloquent wordplay are essential factors to catch some eyes. But with the number of competitors increasing, marketing teams and agencies are doubling their efforts to enhance their strategies.

Unfortunately, intricate details and witty slogans aren’t enough to make your ads stand out.

Color may seem like a simple thing, but it has a great effect on how people perceive things. If you want to take your publicity materials to the next level, you need to make use of the right color combinations. 

Let’s take this example into consideration.

You are tasked to draft a billboard ad for a daycare service. They want to be viewed as partners who are fun and easy to work with. Since the nature of that business is very light, it would be more enticing to use bright colors to symbolize enjoyment and comfort.

You wouldn’t want to appear too stiff by using more serious tones, would you? 

When it comes to your outdoor advertisements, color is used to express the traits, moods, and characteristics of your brand. This will help your target audience gain a better impression of your products and services, possibly leading to higher rates of inquiries and conversions.

If you want to learn more about how you can maximize the use of colors, you’ve come to the right place! 

Check this infographic out for more details.

Mix and Match: The Importance of Colors in Outdoor Advertising

Communicating through colors

When it comes to your marketing materials, the colors you use will set the mood and tone. This will influence the perception and behaviors of your target audience towards your products and services. 

It’s important that marketers and even product developers realize the importance of utilizing color schemes in the right way.

Color psychology is not a new topic. Unconsciously, people have always been associating colors with the things they interact with daily. Colors are bits of information that can help marketers convey messages that words alone may not be able to say. 

People recognize colors as symbolisms for certain traits and characteristics. All shades and colors have their own unique meaning and can communicate different things to people.

Garments designed in white could indicate purity, a sign in yellow can be interpreted as a warning for danger, and posters designed in red can indicate passion.

As mentioned previously, the use of the right color combinations will play a big role in the effectivity of an outdoor ad. In today’s fast-paced world, you will only have a few seconds to capture the attention of people. You must remind yourself that some of your target audience are inside moving vehicles and you only have a few seconds to catch their attention. In outdoor ads, the key is to say more in a few words with the right meaning and you get your point across.

With all the previously mentioned principles taken into consideration, you need to ask yourself these questions. 

  1. How do you want to be known – Your identity will serve as the fuel of your creative strategy. It’s important to stand out from the crowd (and from the dozens of billboards up there).
  2. Who am I trying to reach? – Who are your target audiences? What appeals to them the most? What quickly catches their attention? Establishing your target person in the proper context of the buyer’s journey will make your outdoor ads much more effective.

The answers you have gained by answering these guide questions can help you build your brand and personalize your marketing approach. This will allow you to have a strategic approach even if you are just at the conceptualization and ideation stage.

While there aren’t any laws that tell you what colors you must use for your designs, by taking note of both the subjective and practical elements of color design, your creative process can be well-guided.

Give your brand the recognition it deserves

To extend your brand’s reach, you should see the value of outdoor advertising in the Philippines. With Metro Manila hosting a population of 12 million people within just 620 square meters, it is considered one of the densest metropolitan areas of the world. 

When placing your billboards, banners, and even your LED displays, there are several things both within and outside the scope of design that may affect how your ad will perform.

While it’s unfortunate that drivers and commuters spend hours in the busiest roads of Metro Manila, you need to make the most out of the given circumstance. Outdoor advertisements such as billboards, LED displays, and banners can help your brand reach millions of people who are going about their daily commutes. 

As an agency that specializes in outdoor advertising in the Philippines, we have worked with leading brands such as LG, HSBC, Nike, and Shell in an effort to optimize their marketing strategies. With a team made up of experts from different fields, our specialists can ensure that your brand will get the recognition it rightfully deserves. 

For effective and accurately targeted out-of-home marketing campaigns, don’t hesitate to contact us today!


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