Out of Home Media Is Making A Huge Comeback This 2021 — Here’s Why

Out of Home Media Is Making A Huge Comeback This 2021 — Here’s Why

Ah, 2020. What should have been a hopeful, inspiring, and legendary year for all of us ended up turning into just that.

Hopeful. Inspiring. Legendary.

But for unexpectedly awful reasons.

The emergence of COVID-19 saw many industries adapt to the new normal. And as lockdowns are implemented only to be lifted and then implemented again, one can only wonder— what now?

Luckily, the COVID situation in the Philippines has become less volatile compared to the previous year. Vaccines are slowly coming in, and many businesses are picking up again.

Though a completely pandemic-free era may still be far from now, there are bound to many changes economically as more and more people receive vaccinations. Among these changes, we will definitely see outdoor media being more present this 2021. 

Read more on the five reasons why the OOH comeback is real.


1. People Miss The Outdoors

Whether it’s outdoor dining, outdoor sports, or outdoor leisure, outdoor activities in general are expectedly one of the first activities to be permitted by the government.

We have seen small streets convert into outdoor dining spaces for good business (Yes, shoutout to Rockwell and Rada Street). We’ve also seen more people try their hand at outdoor sports like golf and tennis.

And though the shift from ECQ to MECQ to GCQ (and vice versa) still occurs, it’s hard to deny that more people are gravitating towards the great outdoors to either maintain their relatively safer social lives, or to simply work and get some hard-earned money for themselves and their loved ones.

This is precisely why brands are taking the opportunity to use outdoor media more aggressively.

More people outside means more eyes on their printed advertisements. Any forward-thinking brand knows better than to not take advantage of this momentum.

With a constant supply of vaccines expected to roll out throughout the year, it’s almost certain that a rise in people frolicking Metro Manila will occur.

The added security and protection that vaccines will give are bound to make the government more comfortable with people being outdoors. This can only mean that out of home media will see a steady rise in the latter months.

Photo taken from More Fun With Juan website.

2. Consistency Works

There’s no shame in brands decreasing outdoor media presence. After all, the pandemic took its toll on many businesses, leading many brands turned solely to digital.

However, studies show that brands who chose to consistently display outdoor media ads (alongside their digital ads) have seen an upward shift in brand recall. This in return, increased the percentage of “purchase intent” for the brand.

A big chunk of these positive outcomes heavily relied on outdoor media. In fact, the effectivity of out of home media remained stable even during the peak of the pandemic.

Nowadays, you will find that many brands focus their advertising efforts towards building trust between their consumers.

In addition, it is expected for brands to take cues from leading brands (ones that have maintained consistent and aggressive OOH media executions) in terms of:

  • Altering or swaying a consumer’s spending habit
  • Producing OOH media that can be accompanied by digital executions and TV advertisements
  • Continuing to invest heavily in outdoor media as COVID-19 ensues

Globe and Smart billboards photographed along EDSA


3. There’s More Money To Go Around

Once travel restrictions, community quarantines, and safety protocols become a thing of the past, many Filipinos are bound to spend their free time making the most out of the new normal, post-COVID era. The same thing can be said even during the country’s current state of recovery.

While it is no joke that many Filipinos have suffered financially due to the pandemic, staying indoors most of the time has also directly contributed to a rise in personal savings for many.

After being cooped up at home or in restrictive conditions for so long, one can only expect consumers to spend generously.

This is where outdoor media can hold an ever greater advantage. A world sans safety protocols means more people driving, commuting, dining out, shopping, traveling, and the list goes on. Many industries will subsequently be positively affected by it.

Again, this will provide plenty opportunities for brands to use out of home media wisely. And you’re going to want your brand to be visible once people are ready to spend more money!


4. We Know Better Now

Now more than ever, the pandemic has reminded brands to rigorously observe consumer behavior and patterns. Understanding the target audience’s newfound “pandemic-centered” practices has been key to maintaining brand presence and relevance.

Data-driven analytics have proven to beneficial for brands as well. Providing insights on foot traffic shows clear proof of the effectivity OOH’s reach and potential as people continue about day to day life outdoors.

Carefully analyzing the daily activities of Filipinos also gives media owners an idea of where the foot traffic is strongest, therefore targeting consumers better with the right ads and placements.


5. Constant Exposure

If there’s one advantage outdoor media always has, it’s having constant exposure. The 24/7 visibility of outdoor media along with strategic placement can do wonders for a brand.

Sure, digital ads are great because they reach a wide audience at a quicker rate. But a letdown for digital ads are that they can be skipped, exited, or turned off. 

Have you ever skipped, exited or turned a billboard off? Yeah, didn’t think so.

Outdoor media ads mean that your business and brand is in constant circulation among consumers. Someone is bound to see it, regardless of the time or day.

OOH media does not fear the “Skip Ad” button. Why? Because it’s a straightforward, slightly disrupting, yet non-invasive way of telling your consumers to try this, buy that, follow this, or book that without fear of being completely neglected.


Make Big Things Happen This 2021

With higher hopes, vaccinated arms, and a longing for the old normal, 2021 is on its way to being the year of redemption. The resilience and consistency of out of home media amidst the pandemic has proven to be a worthy investment for any brand.

As we make our way through the second half of the year, now is the time to maximize outdoor media and take advantage of:

  • Higher foot traffic due to less strict quarantine measures
  • Consistent OOH advertising for top-of-mind brand recall
  • Pent-up consumer spending finally letting loose
  • A better understanding of pandemic-centered consumer behavior
  • 24/7 visibility and non-skippable outdoor ads

Challenge the new normal through the traditional yet timeless effectivity of OOH media. It’s time to take your brand up a notch through the right outdoor media strategies, executed by people you can trust. For more information and inquiries, contact Quick Brown Fox now.


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